Online Banking Security

Protecting your personal information is our top priority.
To make Online Banking safer and to give you greater protection from online fraud you will be asked to enroll in our Enhanced Online Security System as part of the Online Banking login process.

Enrolling in Our Enhanced Online Security System

There are two major components to our Enhanced Online Security system:

Picture and Pass Phrase you will see when you log in
One of two "Challenge Methods" to confirm your identity

You should set up your new security profile from the computer you use most often to access Online Banking. That will become your "home" computer, and our system will recognize you immediately.

You can establish Computer Profiles for additional computers at any time.

If you logon to Online Banking from a computer our system doesn't recognize, you will be asked to verify your identity using the "Challenge Method" you select.

If you have any trouble enrolling or have any questions, please call our Online Banking Support at 1-866-868-1919.

You can also check out Frequently Asked Questions about Enhanced Online Security for assistance during enrollment.

When you enroll in our Enhanced Online Security System, you will be given a random picture and asked to enter a Pass Phrase that will appear whenever you log in to Online Banking.

Your Picture & Pass Phrase verify that you are logging into the secure Southern Commerce Bank Online Banking System, and not a fraudulent page designed to look like our website.

The picture and Pass Phrase will be known only to you. If you don't see them the next time you log in to Online Banking after enrolling, close the window immediately and call 1-866-868-1919.

You can choose a different picture and Pass Phrase at any time after you have enrolled.

The Challenge Method you choose will protect your account data when you're logging in from a computer our system doesn't recognize.

To verify your identity, you will choose one of the following "Challenge Methods":

E-Mail Challenge
This will send a one-time use password to your personal e-mail address.

Challenge Questions
Using this method, you will select 3 pre-defined questions and 2 questions of your choice along with the answers to them. Example: "What was the name of your first pet?"
What is Enhanced Online Security?
Southern Commerce Bank is proud to deliver the highest level of security for our Online Banking customers. Enhanced Online Security is an additional layer of security that keeps your personal information secure and helps protect you from fraud and identity theft.
How does Enhanced Online Security work?
Enhanced Online Security verifies your identity in two ways. Every time you log in to Online Banking, Southern Commerce Bank identifies you, and it lets you identify Southern Commerce Bank using a secret Picture & Pass Phrase.
How do I enroll for Enhanced Online Security?
You will be prompted to enroll when you log in to Online Banking. Simply enter or update your E-mail Address, select an authentication Pass Phrase, select and provide answers for three challenge questions, and select whether the computer you are logging in with is a personal computer or a public computer. You will be given a random Authentication Image, which can be changed after enrollment.
What Challenge Methods are available?
There are two challenge methods available, e-mail or challenge question/answer. Text message option is not available.
What is the impact if I enter my mobile number in the e-mail address field?
All future e-mail communications we send to you will be redirected to the mobile number. This includes notification of e.Statement availability, important communications, and/or new product and service notifications.
If someone steals my password, will Enhanced Online Security prevent them from accessing my account?
Yes. If an unauthorized person tries to log in to your account from another computer, they will be challenged using the Challenge Method you choose at enrollment. Without this additional personal information they will not be able to log in to your account.
What keeps someone from stealing my Picture & Pass Phrase?
Your Picture & Pass Phrase automatically appear only if you log in from a computer we already recognize as yours. If you log in from a different computer, we will use the Challenge Method you set up to verify your identity.
How do I know I'm at the valid Online Banking site?
Your Picture & Pass Phrase will appear confirming that you're at the legitimate Southern Commerce Bank Online Banking website.
Can I access Online Banking from multiple computers?
Yes, you can access Online Banking from any number of computers. If you log in from a computer that you haven't used for Online Banking before, you will need to verify your identity by entering a one-time passcode sent to your e-mail address or by answering the challenge questions you have established.
I share my computer with someone who also uses Southern Commerce Bank Online Banking. Can both of us still log in from this computer?
Yes. There's no limit to how many people can log in to Online Banking from the same computer. Remember not to share your Access ID, Password, or answers to your challenge questions.
Can I change my Enhanced Online Security Picture & Pass Phrase and my challenge questions?
Yes. You can change the Authentication Image, Pass Phrase and Security Questions and Answers anytime in Online Banking under Options > Change Security Data.
SAFETY TIP: Southern Commerce Bank will never ask you to change your private information, and we will never change it for you.